The relationship between Landlord and Maintenance Man

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How’s your relationship with your maintenance crew? It’s Important!

Relationships are what many businesses are built on or what many businesses lack. When networking with fellow real estate investors many relationships are often discussed such as rehabber and wholesaler, buyer and seller, lender and borrower, even the often infamous relationship between tenant and landlord. However, the relationship discussed in this article is commonly overlooked the relationship between landlord and maintenance man. In my personal experiences to become a successful landlord or property manager this relationship is crucial. Your maintenance guy or gal should be as close to you as Batman is to Alfred. I’ll give you three reasons why. [Read more…]


What happens when tenants don't pay?

What happens when tenants don’t pay?

The word Landlord brings a lot of words to mind, but the one most associated with landlord has to be tenant. Some tenants can help your rental become an income producing property, and other tenants can lead you in the opposite direction. I wrote an article for in which I explain how to deal with non-paying tenants and some tips to turn a negative cash flowing property back into one that is putting cash into your pockets. Click here to read my article: WHEN TENANTS ATTACK: “The Non Payment”

My Rehabbing Nightmare – Your Lesson

Rehabbing a home Profit or nightmare?

Rehabbing a home Profit or nightmare?

The art of rehabbing homes can be a very profitable element in your real estate investing career. However, in some instances it can become an absolute nightmare. In a frightening article I wrote for I explain the horrors of rehab and lessons you can learn from my experience. Click here for to read my article: My Rehabbing Nightmare – Your Lesson

Don’t Lose Your Home to Foreclosure. Learn What you can do to Prevent Foreclosure.


Stop Foreclosure! This does not have to be you!


Don’t Lose Your Home to Foreclosure. Learn What you can do to Prevent Foreclosure.

Foreclosure is one of the most terrifying experience a person or family can go through. The thought of losing your home to many homeowners is a nightmare that wakes them up in the middle of the night. Foreclosures occur for a variety of situations: the loss of a job, divorce, a sickness, or just the fact that sometimes life is just hard. Often times homeowners begin missing one payment only to one day wake up to being behind four payments. Often times followed by letters roll in, unfriendly notices mailed by the bank, and eventually the bank escorting them out of the place once called home. The process can happen so fast and before your realize what’s happening the bank now owns your home. How can you, the home owner, prevent this from happening? How can you stop the process and avoid being the victim of a foreclosure? The purpose of this article is provide tips that will prevent the bank from taking your home and hard earned equity completely from under you. [Read more…]

Why Create a Text Messaging list for Potential Tenants

Text Messaging List

Landlords all over this great country of ours are consistently looking for the next tenant to fill their next vacancy. The problem in this process is that too often a lot of leads are not utilized. Only one family can live in a single family home at a time, or to our knowledge lol. What happens to the potential clients that call our ads, call our signs, and come to our showings, but don’t [Read more…]