JPHomes, a real estate investment firm, located in the greater San Antonio area has made it a priority to assist buyers, sellers, and renters get into affordable and beautiful homes since 2002. JP Homes is looking to expand our services offered to San Antonio and we need your HELP!!!

We are looking to build a long term relationship with individuals who have learned the hard way that banks and the stock market don’t always give their clients the best return on their investments.


We are looking for private lenders to partner with us and expand our branding through purchasing, remodeling, selling, and renting of homes in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Why become a Private Lender?

  • Little to no stress investing. No stress of managing repairs, realtors, and construction crews. I find, you fund, our team turns quick.
  • We offer great returns on your investment. Earn 10-15% compared to 1-2% offered by traditional banking products such as CDs.
  • You can invest as an individual or as a group. Fund the whole deal or invest in smaller increments as a member of a group. Whatever works best for you we are here to help.
  • Your investment is secured by real estate. You’ll get the stability of a CD and the growth of a stock secured by a piece of real estate purchased well below market.

Why San Antonio you ask?

  • San Antonio is a stable and booming real estate market.
  • Texas real estate market is one of the strongest in the nation. San Antonio is among the strongest real estate markets in the state which include nearby growing cities such as Houston, Dallas, and Austin.
  • San Antonio has great economic potential for growth which includes job growth, company re-locations, affordable cost of living and NO STATE TAXES.

Not located in San Antonio?

We expect a percentage of our new private investors to be located outside of San Antonio, Texas, or even the United States. We can still keep you well informed on the progression of your investment through phone call, email, and other avenues of communication. The most important prerequisite we are looking for in a new private investor is not where they are located, but the desire to have your money work for you.

How do I get started?

No matter the reason or your experience level in investing we would like to meet with you. We will set up a time to meet with you all the opportunities this program will have for you.

For more information, call Jarnell Porter at (210)722-1098

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Also feel free to ask for our credibility book which explains this opportunity in detail

Thank you for listening to our business opportunity! Hope to see you be part of our next deal!